Deleted 3GP Video Recovery from SD Card

Most of times if you have ever heard that anyone of your friends had lost their video files from their SD card. Have you ever faced of yourself deleted files from your SD card, often when we lose our files from SD card of our cell phone or digital camera then we must go for one of the best data recovery software. The SD card is one of best medium to store all those photos, videos and files which we capture and store our favorite music files for entertainment even we also use it for several kind of file storage.

Consider a scenario in which a friend of yours is using high capacity memory card on which several photos, video files and music files are stored. The video files available indifferent formats on the memory card but the most important ones are the 3GP videos which are recorded video of the user. Te user says that – “I accidentally deleted some very important 3GP videos from my SD Card and now I realize that I need those files seriously, after several hours.”

The very important things is that SD card from which the 3GP videos and other files get deleted by any reason should not be used anytime for a perfect data recovery of 3GP videos and other files also. Such files as they are photos, music files, playlist etc. anything even data files could be recovered easily with the help of a very effective video recovery software we introduce here. One of the best and proper kind of effective data recovery solution.

You must be surprised but yes the tool can easily retrieve any kind of files lost from SD card and other type of storage area such as HDD, pen drives etc. The most important in the data recovery process is that the SD card or other storage area should not be used either after files get deleted from them. This is the most important thing, because if files get overwritten with new files the previous files will get lost and the chances for previous data recovery become zero. Access the suggested tool here and forget about deleted files, the user interface of the software is very effective which makes the data recovery possible on Windows as well as on Mac OS X. The 3GP video recovery software will recover videos from different types of devices . 

Free Download for Mac  Free Download on Windows

User Guide Helps to Use the Tool Effectively:

Step 1: You must download and install the 3GP recovery software as suggested above. Click on the Start button to start the recovery process.

Step 2: A List of available drives and removable media will appear by which you can easily select the drive from where the 3GP files are lost.

Step 3: Here the advance option will provide you to recover data with help of selected file type, by which you can easily recover your desired data.

Step 4: The recovery software will scan entire drive and powerful way to get back the lost files.

Step 5: The recovered data is displayed on the left side pane of the software from where all the desired files can be easily previewed. You can also save the previewed files very easily.

Step 6: Lastly, select those files which you want to recover from the scanned list and then click on recover icon or button. After this, all the selected files are stored at the specified location in your PC.

Free Download for Mac  Free Download on Windows

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