How to Recover 3GP Files from Corrupted SD Cards

The SD card is one of th popular and finest type of storage area by which lots of people store their photos and several kinds of other information in your cellphone and other gadgets very easily as well. Lots of users use such kind of cards very effective and they also use high capacity memory cards for such kind of purpose. There are different types of memory cards available for multipurpose usage as well. All type of cards shows different kind of compatibility due to which they support all such devices or gadgets for file storing.

While storing multimedia files to the memory cards any user must create a backup on their computer system by which you could easily get back all those files stored on your memory card if you have faced any kind of problem or data loss situation on your SD/memory card. Mostly while taking any picture or recording 3GP video files you must have a proper kind of support from the gadget and other devices as well. If you had experienced any kind of issue which defines data loss or corruption of files on your SD/memory card then you are at the right place to get an answer for all of the damage issues.

The corruption could lead in both of the memory card and files as well, most of the while connecting a memory card into any machine such as computer system the incompatibility of such device could corrupt the memory card very easily. While sometimes for the similar reason or different as,

  • Virus Attack
  • Input/Output errors
  • Low power issue of gadget etc.

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can easily damage the files inside of user’s memory card. Taking an example if the 3GP video files are recorded under low battery or saved improperly then one person can easily lose the access of such kind of files on their device or computer system as well. In the absence of a backup what should a common/novice person can do, else frustrating upon entire situation. You could easily get back all of your lost data with the help of an easy tool which has been suggested here that is known as to fix corrupt/damaged 3gp video files and several other multimedia files as well. It can also read the formatted memory card with has been corrupt before.

User Guide Helps to Use the Tool Effectively:

Step 1: You must download and install the 3GP recovery software as suggested above. Click on the Start button to start the recovery process.

Step 2: A List of available drives and removable media will appear by which you can easily select the drive from where the 3GP files are lost.

Step 3: Here the advance option will provide you to recover data with help of selected file type, by which you can easily recover your desired data.

Step 4: The recovery software will scan entire drive and powerful way to get back the lost files.

Step 5: The recovered data is displayed on the left side pane of the software from where all the desired files can be easily previewed. You can also save the previewed files very easily.

Step 6: Lastly, select those files which you want to recover from the scanned list and then click on recover icon or button. After this, all the selected files are stored at the specified location in your PC.

Free Download for Mac  Free Download on Windows

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