Memory Card Recovery: How to access 3GP files from SD card

SD card is electronic flash memory card designed by association for use importable devices . It is compatible with external devices like SD Cards , pen drives , external hard and many more . It is small in size but it have large storage capacity and it also keeps your data safe and secure . But in this you may also face data loss scenario . When the data become inaccessible or SD card shows error then users may think that data will come back after the fixing error . When you will try to access your files then you will get some error message when your files on SD card become inaccessible :

Error message given when data become inaccessible

  • SD memory card is corrupted or become inaccessible
  • Does not allow you to access your files
  • SD Card required formatting
  • SD card cannot be found
  • SD cannot be recognized

and many more error you will face when the files of SD card is become inaccessible .



When ever you want to recover your data from SD card then then you should make sure that card is not overwritten with any other files . In that case you need to use 3GP video recovery software to accomplish your data in an effective manner . When ever you need to choose that recovery software you must have to know about the function and about the reliability of the software . This software is fully reliable with SD card and also supports all the versions of mac as well as windows . It can also recover other multimedia files such as audios, videos, documents and many more .The trial version of this software is also available on-line from there you can easily see its preview and know about its features or you can also download it directly. It also provide you user friendly interface as it is very simple and easy in use and no technical knowledge required to use this software .

Data Prevention tips

  • Always useSafely recover hard drive option to remove your SD card
  • Use a legitimate anti-virus program to scan your system
  • Always avoid camera or phone to take pictures when the battery is running slow
  • When you lost your data then do not use illegitimate recovery software to recover your data

and so many prevention are here which you have to take while using your SD or camera’s

 User Guide for 3GP Video Recovery Software 

 Step 1)Firstly you need to download and launch the 3GP video recovery software on the main interface of the Mac .


 Step 2)And then you have to choose the hard drives and then click on the next button.

2Step 3) And  Now start the process of scanning and after the completion of the scanning process software will show the preview of all the recovered files.


 Step 4) Now with the help of this you may select the specific range from the selected media .


 Step 5) In this step you need to select the types of the files that you want to recover .


 Step 6: You can create image sector by sector with the help of this method .


 Step 7: In this step you need to select the rage .


 Step 8: Here you can also resume the recovery of the last saved scan .


Step 9: And in the last the software will save all the files at their specifies location .




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